Advanced STOP THE BLEED® Training Kit



Advanced STOP THE BLEED® Training Kit

The Advanced STOP THE BLEED® Training Kit consists of a wheeled hard case suitable for easy transport and contents that are designed for both tourniquet and hemostatic bandage training. It includes the STOP THE BLEED® Booster Kit.

It supports both DoD approved STOP THE BLEED® training courses. To use the training kit to teach the Essentials STOP THE BLEED® training course, offered by the Stop the Bleed Coalition, order it with the SOF® Tourniquet option. To use it to teach the course offered by the American College of Surgeons, order the CAT tourniquet option.

The Advanced Training Kit complies with the requirements of the State of Texas STOP THE BLEED® legislation (H.R. 496)

Contents of the Advanced Training Kit:

  • STOP THE BLEED® Instructional booklets (10)
  • Training tourniquets of your choice (select option above) (5)
  • QuikClot® Combat Gauze Moulage Trainers (8)
  • Trauma Trainer legs (2) – for dry use only
  • Protective gloves (12 pairs)
  • STOP THE BLEED® Booster Kit (1)

Additional information

Weight 38 lbs

SAM-XT Blue, CAT, SOF® Blue