The origin story of STOP THE BLEED® starts on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2005, for the first time, soldiers were trained in STOP THE BLEED® techniques and began carrying tourniquets and QuikClot® Combat Gauze as part of their basic equipment. The result was that battlefield deaths from blood loss dropped by over 75%!

“Regular soldiers successfully trained and equipped to save their fellow soldiers lives means that members of the public can be trained and equipped to save their fellow citizen’s lives in a bleeding emergency.”

Having regular soldiers trained and equipped to help fellow soldiers experiencing traumatic blood loss was a game changer. It also made the case that people at home, without any specialized professional health care credentials, could learn how to save their fellow citizens with the proper training and equipment. From that, a campaign was born.

Members of the Armed Forces and Veterans support STOP THE BLEED® in a variety of ways here at home – training the public, creating awareness, and bringing their spirit of public service to all of us.

A portion of every sale is set aside so the STOP THE BLEED® Coalition can support Veterans organizations, including the following